DB55 Amsterdam


Blended Venue DB55 is a building where innovation, education, sport, health, art and leisure come together. DB55 offers opportunities to connect nearby residents and local entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam Houthavens. The concept enhances social cohesion in a rapidly developing neighbourhood, where creative workspaces and new homes need to coexist. 

Architectural and design studio D/DOCK created DB55, yet this prototype for the multifunctional office of the future is activated by its companies and visitors, as they encourage each other to consider issues with a social, environmental or socio-economic background.   

Due to the pandemic, the vacancy rate of office space has further increased. D/DOCK designs and builds office spaces worldwide, noticing that many companies currently explore new opportunities for underused office space. Moreover, companies search for ways to make it more attractive for employees to come back to the office. DB55 offers solutions to both challenges.   

A Blended Venue is much more than just a regular office. The concept responds to a growing social need to share workspaces, optimizing the use of the building. At DB55, we combine various functions and activities to make the best possible use of the available space. The building integrates an office, a restaurant, an academy and sports facilities. As such, DB55 offers interaction between different entrepreneurs and visitors, leading to a creative work and leisure environment that generates new ideas and social connections.  

What if our society were to adopt of blended use as a more standard practice? Then we would need less buildings per capita, because spaces with multiple functionalities can be used more intensively. Instead of ten hours a day for a standard office, a blended venue can accommodate many more hours of activity. 

Our vision is clear: The future looks brighter, if the future is blended.

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